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Celebration of Life Service - Life's End

Funerals have certainly changed so much in the last 15 years.  Services back in our grandparent's days, with the traditional services, that dragged on for days, and put everyone through mental and physical exhaustion tend to be a thing of the past. Cathy Davis & Company offers a different kind of service.   Our services are beautifully handcrafted and focus on celebrating the life of your loved one. We add beautiful touches to the service to reflect who they were, and what they accomplished in their lifetime.  Our emphasis is on your loved ones.  We try to make the service personalized and meaningful and are always pleasantly surprised when we are told after,  it's as if we've known the person their whole lives.

Where Can We Have a Celebration of Life Service?

These ceremonies take place typically in funeral home chapels or at a graveside.  Lately, we are seeing a huge shift in these venues to restaurants and banquet halls as well. What these services look like is up to you.  What reflects the personality of the loved one can be taken into full account.  These services can be memorial services or a celebration of life service with an urn or casket of picture present as well as a  room filled with photos, videos and memorabilia that reflect their lives.  Everything from the music, to the readings selected should reflect their personality and life.  Planning an end of life service requires a lot of work to organize.  Food, flowers, appointments, paperwork can all be overwhelming.  Just ask and we can provide you with recommendations within our network that can help you.

Why Is This so Difficult to Talk About?

Why is this such a taboo subject? It shouldn't be. We all know that we will have to deal with the loss of someone we are close to one day.  Wouldn't it be better to know what their wants and desires would be at that time?  There should not be the pressure to pay thousands in prepaid funerals by the funeral homes.  We have prepared a simple form that everyone - even you - should fill out to let your family know what your wishes are.  It should be kept in a special place in your home.  We have seen so many distraught families since 2004 when we first began doing funerals in Niagara who simply do not have the answers and have to face these difficult decisions alone. It is too much pressure in an already difficult time. Let us be the ones to help you and to celebrate your loved one, in the most meaningful, professional and personal way.  

Everyone, all ages included,  should always let their immediate family and loved ones know what their desires would be if they should pass away.  Although it's not an easy topic, it is much easier discussed and planned before it is ever needed.  Please fill out our short questionnaire for you to leave behind. Let someone know where it is -whether it is in your sock drawer or with all your most important documents in a safe! 


We cannot control the movement of time, nor can we control our own destiny, nor the destinies of those we love.  But, we can take comfort in knowing that those who have lived in our hearts are never really gone.  For as long as we keep them in our hearts and in our thoughts, they will be with us always.

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