Rob Burke ~ Serving Niagara, Halton, Hamilton, Burlington

I was born and raised in the beautiful garden city of St. Catharines in the heart of Niagara with big dreams and goals. I met my beautiful wife Dina in a local theatre production where I share my love for performing on the stage, she is my rock and best friend. I'm a big Disney fan, so where did we get married? On Disney property!   We were thrilled in 2013 when sweet little Hayden entered our world, so thrilled to have a son full of energy who enjoys living life to the fullest! We rescued two dogs, Thomas and Leia.


I'm a proud Early Childhood Educator in St.Catharines with the Niagara Region. I absolutely love singing in front of audiences, performing on stage in theatre productions, and watching sports. I believe in keeping those you love closest to you including your community which is why I really enjoy giving back volunteering through the Grantham lions club as a member. I have had a passion for planning, putting music events together, and weddings ever since I was married at Disney.

I believe in making a difference in people's lives which has taken me down the path of being an Officiant. I have experience in creating events/fundraisers, speaking and performing in front of audiences, producing productions, and so much more to help make your day amazing.  I look forward to connecting and meeting you so that I can tell your story.

Contact Rob at Cell: 289.668.0482