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Vow Renewal Ceremonies

A vow renewal is a great way to celebrate your marriage. It's a great way to tell each other that you would marry each other all over again.   Whether it's a special number, 5, 10, 25, 50 or something you want to do after a rough period in your relationship, a vow renewal ceremony can be planned just for you.

Children, close friends, former wedding party members or you yourselves can host and plan the renewal.  It may be held indoors, outdoors, in a hall, by the lake, in a church, in a park or anywhere that is special to the two of you.  Let us help make your renewal special.  With our experience, let us help you lead your renewal ceremony and have it go off splendidly.


Now who you should invite is up to you.  Whether you want an intimate ceremony for two or you want to have your close family and friends or an all out party, lets get it done!

Feel free to pick our brains for recommendations from location, to food, to photographer, we are here to help you.

As for the ceremony ... it is what you want it to be.  You can exchange vows, original or write something new.  You now have the opportunity to think about the reasons you are at this place of renewal.  After vows, you can exchange rings, or something special to the two of you.  Special readings, quotations, meaningful music can all be incorporated.


Children can be given special responsibilities or be incorporated into special parts of the ceremony.  When it's all done, a casual backyard bbq, a family dinner at a restaurant, a party at the beach, or a reception of your choice.  Dinner, dancing, cake, toasts, you can do it all.  Make sure you have someone to take pictures!

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