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Meet Our Team

cathy davis and company team

Left to Right: Stephanie Da Ponte, Cindilee Ecker-Flagg , John Shore, Karolynn Lacroix,, David Harrison, Fay Vandenbeukel, Ruth Hall, Russ Rowlands, Cathy Davis, Cherie Inksetter, Wendy Murray, Tim Denis, Debbie Van Dyk,  Maria Rodriguez, Taylor Graham, Rob Burke, Jennie Dobrucki

Absent: Trish Archibald, Karen Orlandi, Tara Johnston, Lisa Dolson, Chris Bantock,   Paul Fletcher, Lori Blake,

Celebrating Your Love


On your first consultation with your Officiant, you can expect a 30-45 minute long meeting to go through the legalities of the ceremony and go through the outline of the ceremony with you so that you better understand what you do and don't have to include in your ceremony. We have something very special that you will love working with to help create your ceremony called - Uniquely You - which is a password protected portion of the site you can come and go from on your own time to make the selections for your ceremony with endless possibilities. We are also happy to help with any vendor suggestions as we work collarboratively with all of your vendors and/or if you are looking to build your team we have a wonderful list under the tab 'Vendor Love'

Looking for a more intimate wedding?

Whether it is a pop up or a small wedding here at our Office we do offer a ceremony that still offers you choices but on a much smaller scale. These ceremonies are very short in nature and are better suited for small groups of under 20 guests/ You can find your choices here; Elopement Ceremony


You are required to purchase your own wedding licence at the Clerk's office in a Municipality in Ontario that is convenient for the two of you. (ie- you don't have to purchase it in Niagara if you are getting married in Niagara) All that is required is 2 pieces of photo identification and is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. Some municipalities require an appointment for this so if you are unsure please give your local office a call. For more information on details of legalities regarding licences please click here. You will then give your officiant the licence on the day of your ceremony.

One thing to note that is that we will submit all the required documentation to the Office of the Registrar General for you within 48 hours of your ceremony as is required of us by law. Following that, nothing will come automatically to you- you have to request a copy of the marriage certificate on line- please expect that this could take up to 12 weeks after your wedding. This is simply done by clicking here. 

Ceremony Space is available at our Regional Office any day of the week, located on a pretty Ravine Setting in  -Creekside Chapel Location is in the north end of St. Catharines.

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My Team

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IMG-19.jTrish Archibald Officiant
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Debbie Van Dyk Officiant
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